Koło Polek w Hobart

This web site was established to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Koło Polek w Hobart in 1963.

All the members of the Polish Ladies Circle in Hobart who have contributed their favourite recipes to this web site wish you a healthy appetite.


The Recipes

The recipes have been contributed by the Polish ladies themselves and were originally compiled to commemorate their 40th anniversary in 2003.

They celebrate the tremendous contribution of the Koło Polek to the life of the Polish community in Hobart and to their adopted homeland, Australia.


The recipes were originally written in Polish however an English translation is also included so that they can be accessed more widely.

It is the wish of the Polish ladies that they are enjoyed by their children, their grandchildren and by lovers of Polish food all around the world.




A selection of soup recipes to be found in every Polish kitchen.

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Dumplings and pancakes

Polish cuisine includes a wide selection of dumplings and pancakes. Smacznego!

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Meat and poultry

Meat and poultry are staples in every Polish household. Enjoy this selection of family favourites.

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Fish are served at every Polish table especially during Lent and on Wigilia.

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Vegetables and salads

The Polish kitchen serves salads and vegetables in truly authentic and tasty ways.

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Cakes, biscuits and pastries

Packi, babki, torty and mazurki are baked with care and attention and served with love.

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A costume ball held in 1967.

Koło Polek w Hobart

The Polish Ladies Circle was formed on 7 July 1963. The first meeting was held in the Polish Hall and the name “Koło Polek w Hobart” was formally adopted. Read the story of the Polish Ladies Circle and learn about their tremendous contribution to community life.

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SDonating equipment to the Royal Hobart Hospital.


Stories are often best told in pictures. Enjoy these photographs of our Polish ladies at work and play.

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Commemorating the Battle of Monte Casino.


Over the last 50 years the Polish Ladies Circle in Hobart has been honoured by a number of organisations, both Polish and in the wider community. These have taken many forms including a Silver Medal of Recognition from the Polish Government in Exile.

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